1. Euphrat & Hanly


    In 1920, Hunter Hanly founded what was later to become GOP Limited to provide structural engineering services to architects and contractors during the 1920s building boom in/around Cincinnati. The 1921 City of Cincinnati directory shows that Euphrat & Hanly shared the "Engineers, Structural" classification with only one other structural engineering firm, J.R. Beidinger. That firm no longer exists, making us this region's oldest, continuing structural engineering firm.

  2. Hunter Hanly


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  3. Hanly & Young


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  4. Truman P. Young & Associates


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  5. Young, Russo, Graham & Obermeyer


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  6. Russo, Graham & Obermeyer, Ltd.


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  7. Graham, Obermeyer and Partners, Ltd.


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  8. GOP Limited

    September 06, 2005

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Our Team Leaders

GOP Limited's mission is to provide each client with the highest-quality and most innovative problem-solving structural engineering services available in the Midwest. We consistently deliver those services in effective, efficient ways that make us easy to do business with and respected in our field. As you see below, we are located in Cincinnati, but our reach is far greater.

States GOP LTD is licensed

Some of the categories of work across our resume include:

  • Utilities Infrastructure
  • Government / Post Office
  • Mixed-use
  • Offices / Historical
  • Retail / Financial
  • Unique
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Green Design
  • Arts / Library
  • Recreation
  • Hospitality